Copy entire directory using Terminal Command [Linux, Mac, Bash]

In order to copy a directory entirely from one location to another in Linux/Unix/Mac/Bash you can make use of the below command,

cp -r source-dir destination-directory-location

cp : This is the copy utility used to copy file or files from source to a target file/files.

-r : This option is used if the source is a directory, when used with cp - it copies the directory and the entire subtree of the directory to the destination, note this will also copy the symbolic links.

source-dir: location of the source directory. Note that it should be a directory.

destination-directory-location: the target location where the directory (folder) needs to be copied.


Let's say I have a directory myApp on my Desktop location and I want to copy it to /Documents

cp -r myApp /Users/code2care/Documents

Note that if you do not provide -r parameter you will get an error saying cannot copy as the source is a directory.

Copy directory command example
Copy directory command example
code2care@mac Desktop % cp myApp /Users/code2care/Documents   
cp: myApp is a directory (not copied).
srouce directory
srouce directory
target location
target location

All the files and subfolders will get copied!

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