How to Create Database in MySQL

The Syntax to create a database in MySQL Server is "CREATE DATABASE database_name;"

Create Database Syntax:

CREATE DATABASE database_name;

Let us see a few examples of different ways in which you can create one,

Example 1: Using the mysql prompt in Terminal

    on macOS/Linux/Windows:

    mysql> Create Database mydb1;

Example 2: Using MySQL Workbench
    1. Open MySQL Workbench.
    2. In a Query Tab, enter the command:
      Create Database mydb2;
    3. Click on the execute icon.
      Create Database using MySQL Workbench
    4. The logs will look like this,
      02:08:15 Create Database mydb2	1 row(s) affected	0.0061 sec
    5. Go to Schema tab and hit the refresh icon and you should see the newly created database.
Refresh the Schema tab to see created MySQL Database

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