Horizontally Center Align
tag in HTML using CSS

A <div> (division) tag is used as a container to divide your HTML page into multiple sections. When you create a new <div> tag without any CSS style being applied, it will not inherit anything from its parent tag, you would see that a line-break is introduced before and after the div element.

By default the div will be left-aligned to the page or the container which holds it, in order to horizontally center align it, you could try one of the following,

  1. Using display:inline-block

  2. Let's have two div tags - we call them the inner div and other div. If you check the below code, it will align the inner div to top right.

     <div class="outerDiv" id="outerDiv" style="width:300px;background-color:#eee">
    <div class="innerDiv" id="innerDiv" style="padding:10px;background:#ccc">
    Inner Div Element text

    We would require to apply CSS to both divs in order to horizontally center align the inner div. Add width:100% to outer div so it takes up browsers width, also add text-align:center if you want the text it in to be center-aligned as well. To the inner div add display:inline-block.

    <div class="outerDiv" id="outerDiv" style="width:300px;background-color:#eee;width:100%;text-align: center">
    <div class="innerDiv" id="innerDiv" style="padding:10px;background:#ccc;display: inline-block;width:100px">
    Inner Div Element text
  3. Using margin: 0 auto;

    <div class="outerDiv" id="outerDiv" style="width:100%">
    <div class="innerDiv" id="innerDiv" style="margin: 0 auto;width:50%;background-color:#eee;text-align:center">
    Inner Div Element text that needs to be horizontally aligned to center of the page

⚠️ Note: One of the older and easiest way to achieve this wrapped the div with a <center> tag, please be aware that center tag is deprecated in HTML5.

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