How to go to the End of File in Nano Editor

If you just opened a huge file using the Nano text editor and you are wondering how to reach the end of the file quickly without the need to make use of the down arrow key to reach the bottom of the file, you can make use of the keyboard shortcut Alt + \ if you are using a Linux OS.

End of file in Nano Editor

Note: If you are using Nano Editor on macOS, you will not have the Alt key so as a workaround you can make use of Ctrl + V repetitively until you reach the end of the file.

You make also be looking for:
  • Ctrl+V: To move one page down.
  • Ctrl+Y: To move one page up.
  • Alt+/: To reach to the bottom of the opened file.
  • Alt+\: To reach to the top of the opened file.

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