How to determine Gradle Version in Android Studio

There are multiple ways in which you can find out the version of the Gradle tool that you are using in Android Studio for your Android Project. Let us take a look at a few of them.

  1. You can simply open your Android Studio IDE and go to Menu: File -> Project Structure... and take a look at the "Android Gradle Plugin Version".
    Project Structure - Android Studio
    How to determine Gradle Version in Android Studio
  2. Open the Terminal in Android Studio by going to Menu: View -> Tool Windows -> Terminal. Run the command.

    gradle --version
    ./gradlew --version

    Note: This is what you will check only if you are using Gradle installed on your device and not the gradlew.

  3. In your project, look for the here you should be able to see the version for property distributionUrl

    #Mon May 22 17:30:33 CDT 2023
  4. When you perform Gradle Sync, in the console you can note the version of Gradle.
    Starting Gradle Daemon...
    Gradle settings evaluated using settings file 'C:\Users\code2care\AndroidStudioProjects\MyApp\settings.gradle'.
    Gradle version: 8.0.0

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