AVD Pixel_2_API_15 is already running. [Android Studio]

AVD Pixel_2_API_15 is already running.
If that is not the case, delete the files at
and try again.

The above error while running Android Virtual Device (AVD) may come up when the lock of the AVD was not released correctly, there are few things you can try to resolve this issue,

  1. Go to Tools ? AVD Manager
  2. Select your AVD device and under Actions click on the down arrow and click on Stop.
  3. Now try running the AVD again, it should work.

If the above does not work for you then you can try deleting all the lock files and folders under the location thats prompted in the error,

  1. Go to the location as seen in the error: example: C:\Users\user\.android\avd/Pixel_2_API_15.avd/
  2. Now delete all .lock files and folders.

I could see a few of them: hardware-qemu.ini.lock & multiinstance.lock. If while deleting these files you see an error like "The action can't be completed because the folder or a file it is open in another program" that means your AVD is running and you need to close it (or kill its process instance) so you can delete these files.


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