How to stop disable Facebook video autoplay during scroll

Facebook videos - auto-play

Facebook has a default behavior where the videos play automatically which gets annoying at times. There is a setting to disable or stop the autoplay which many users are unaware of.

Here we explain how it can be stopped on various devices - Android Phones
  1. Navigate to the Facebook App
  2. Click/Tap the Menu button (3 horizontal lines, must be towards the right)
  3. Scroll to 'Help & Settings' section and click/tap 'App Settings'
  4. In the General section, scroll and click/tap 'Videos play automatically'
  5. Choose a desired option (On, Wi-Fi only, Off) - Off if you want to completely turn off
Apple - iPhone, iPad, iPod
  1. Open Facebook App
  2. Tap on More on the below menu-bar
  3. Tap on Settings -> Account Settings
  4. Tap on Videos and Photos
  5. Under Video Settings tap on Auto-Play -> Never Auto-play Videos/ On WiFi Connections Only/ On Mobile Data and Wifi Connections
On desktop Browsers :
  1. Login to Facebook through any browser.
  2. Click on Edit Account (down arrow next to Privacy Icon).
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Videos from the left menu.
  5. Auto-play Videos: Select Off from dropdown.

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