cURL -d Option with Examples

In order to send data via an HTTP POST request in cURL, you need to make use of the -d or the --data option.

From cURL manual/help page:

 -d, --data <data>          HTTP POST data
              separating &-symbol. Thus, using '-d name=daniel -d skill=lousy'
               curl -d "name=curl"
               curl -d "name=curl" -d "tool=cmdline"
               curl -d @filename

Example 1: Sending Login Form Details using -d option

    curl -X POST -d "userid=EMP101&password=thepassword"

    As you can see, we have provided the form data with -d flag and passing the userid and password details as key-value pairs like a query string.

    If you want you can send the form body data parameters as separate key and value pairs, you can do it as follows,

    curl -X POST -d "userid=EMP101" -d "password=thepassword"

Example 2: Sending JSON data to REST API POST Request

    curl -X POST --data '{"product_id": 1010, "search_query": "iPhone 15", "user_id":"EMP101"}' 
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"

    In the above example, we are sending the JSON data to an HTTP POST REST API using the --data option.

    Note: We have to set the Content-Type header as application/json in this case.

Example 3: Sending Data from a file using -d option

    curl -X POST -d "@upload-batch_2023-07-01.csv"

    As you can see in the above example we are reading the data from a file and using cURL to upload its content to a POST API Request.

cURL -d or --data flag example

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