Export aborted because fatal lint error were found

⛔️ Export Aborted

Export aborted because fatal lint errors were found. These are listed in Lint View. Either fix these before running Export again or turn off "Run full error check when exporting app" in the Android > Lint Error Checking preference page.

If you just tried to Export your Android Project and got the above error message. Just check Lint Warnings Window for Lint Errors.

First let's see what Lint is !

Android Lint is a new tool introduced in ADT 16 which scans Android project sources for potential bugs.

Some of the Errors that Lint looks for :

  • Missing or Unused translations (language tags like af, am, ar, bg)
  • Layout performance problems (all the issues the old layoutopt tool used to find, and more)
  • Unused resources
  • Inconsistent array sizes
  • Hardcoded Strings
  • Missing contentDescription
  • Accessibility and internationalisation problems
  • Problems related to Icon problems such as missing densities, duplicate icons, wrong sizes
  • Usability problems (like not specifying an input type on a text field)
  • Manifest errors
  • and more ....

Each Lint error is put into a certain category like Correctness, Correctness: Message, Security, Performance e.t.c

Solution :

Look for the lint error type and try to fix it. If you think that it is not an issue, then you can suppress the error (fatal error) to a warning, information or ignore type :

Example :

If you get an error like "app_name" is not translated in "af" (Afrikaans), "am" (Amharic), "ar" (Arabic) ... which is to Category : Correctness: Message, its because you have not translated the string values to these languages. By default, it is a Lint Fatal error, if you do not want to translate your app to these languages,

Go to Menu : Eclipse -> Preferences ( on macOS) or Menu : Window -> Preferences (on Windows)

In Preferences Goto : Android -> Lint Error Checking and look for ExtraTranslation under Category : Correctness:Message, and change its type from Fatal to Warning.

Similarly fix all the issues and you would be able to export your .apk file.

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