Install Gradle VS Code for Java Projects

If you want to work on Java Project on Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and want it to be a Gradle Project, you will need to install the Gradle extension.

Steps to install Gradle Extenstion in VS Code

  1. Open VS Code,
  2. Press: ⌘ Command + Shift + X (Control + Shift + X on Windows) to open Extenstions,
  3. Now type in Gradle for Java, click on install,
  4. And you are good to go!
Install Gradle on VS Code for Java Projects
Gradle Extension Details:
Name: Gradle for Java
Id: vscjava.vscode-gradle
Description: Manage Gradle Projects, run Gradle tasks and provide better Gradle file authoring experience in VS Code
Version: 3.12.4
Publisher: Microsoft
VS Marketplace Link:

Now you can create a Gradle Java project by opening the Palette and typing Gradle: Create a Gradle Java Project

Create a Gradle Project in VS Code

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