Android Error Generating Final Archive - Debug Certificate Expired

First Lets see what a "Debug Certificate" is in Android Programming

"This is a Certificate generated by Android SDK tool and is used to sign your app during development process."

Error Message :

Error generating final archive:

Debug certificate expired on 1/30/2020 5:40 PM!

If you have encountered this error it is because your debug certificate has expired (normally has a validity of 365 days).

Cause :

This issue is due to the validity expiry of your debug certificate debug.keystore

Solution :

You have to locate debug.keystore file on your system. Depending on what Operating System that you are working on you may find this file inside .android folder,

On Windows: Go to C:\Users\[user-name]\.android you will find the file debug.keystore Delete this file

On Linux: Go to home/[user-name]/.android you will find the file debug.keystore Delete this file

On Mac: Go to ~/.android/ you will find the file debug.keystore Delete this file

After you delete the debug.keystore file, you need to Clean the android project that you are working with (under Project > Clean), cleaning remove the cached keystore that contained expired certificate and creates a new one.

If still the issue persists, restart eclipse. ✌️

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