How to install Java 11 on Mac

To install Java JDK 11 on Mac running macOS, you can take various routes, in this example we will be installing Zulu Open JDK 11,

  1. Go to Zulu website:

  2. Now click on Choose Download, and select,

    • Java Version: JDK 11 LTS
    • Operating SystemL macOS
    • Architecture: If you have an Intel based Mac choose - x86 64-bit , if Apple based M1 chip choose - ARM 64-bit
    • Java Package: JDK
    • You can download .tar.gz, .zip or .dmg format.

I have downloaded the .dmg format,

install java 11 on mac - step 1
install java 11 on mac - step 2
install java 11 on mac - step 3

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