Java Error: --enable-preview must be used with --source

String name = "Alan";
System.out.printf(STR."Hello, my name is \{name}");


Macbook % java --enable-preview --source

error: no path for source file
Macbook % java --enable-preview

If you make use of the preview feature from a Java JDK version say JDK 17 or 21, you will need to pass in both the option --enable-preview and --source when you compline (javac) or run (java) a Java program from Terminal or else you will get the error as above.PE|


Here I am making use of the Java JDK 21, so I need to pass 21 after --source flag to make the code work.

% java --enable-preview --source 21

Note: uses preview features of Java SE 21.

Note: Recompile with -Xlint:preview for details.

Hello, my name is Alan

Note, if you provide any other JDK versions ay 17, and you have 21, you will get the below error.

% java --enable-preview --source 17

error: invalid source release 17 with --enable-preview
  (preview language features are only supported for release 21)
error: compilation failed
Fix Error - error- --enable-preview must be used with --source

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