Java Interview Questions - Set 1: History & Fun Facts

As a Java developer, especially if you are just starting (fresher) you may be asked about the history of Java so as to know how serious you are about it.

In this set of questions we will cover such questions and fun facts that you may find helpful to know the programming language better.

Question 1) Who invented Java?

    Answer: James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, & Patrick Naughton

Question 2) When was Java first released?

    Answer: The Java beta version was first released on 23 May, 1995, where as JDK 1.0 was released on 23 January, 1996

Question 3) Where was Java invented?

    Answer: At Sun Microsystems.

Question 4) Where was Java initially named?

    Answer: Java was initially called Oak, named after a tree outside James Gosling's office. Then it was briefly called Green before finally settling on the name Java, which was inspired by the coffee from Indonesia.

Question 5) What is the Java Mascot?

    Answer: The official Java Mascot is Duke.

    Java Mascot Duke

Question 6) What are the principles of Java?

    Answer: Java has the below core principles on which it has been designed.

    • Object-Oriented.
    • Simple.
    • Robust.
    • Secure.
    • Architecture-Neutral.
    • Portable
    • High Performance.
    • Interpreted.
    • Multi-Threaded.
    • Dynamic.

Question 7) What the slogan of Java?

    Answer: WORA - "Write Once - Run Anywhere".

Question 8) Java Syntax is based on which programming languages?

    Answer: C and C++.

Question 9) When was Java acquired by Oracle?

    Answer: In the year 2009.

Question 10) When was Java acquired by Oracle?

    Answer: In the year 2009.

Question 11) List of Java LTS (Long-Term Support) versions?

    Answer: Java 8, 11, 17 and 21.

Question 12) What are the various editions of Java?


    1. Java ME: Java Platform, Micro Edition
    2. Java SE: Java Platform, Standard Edition
    3. Java EE: Java Platform, Enterprise Edition

Question 13) Who is often referred to as the "Father of Java"?

    Answer: James Gosling.

Question 14) What event is celebrated as Java's birthday?

    Answer: May 23 is celebrated as Java's birthday, which is its initial release date.

Question 15) What is the significance of the number 007 in the Java logo?

    Answer: The number 007 is hidden in the Java logo as a playful reference to James Bond.

Question 16) What was the original purpose of Java?

    Answer: Java as of 1991, was initially designed for interactive television, but it proved too advanced for the digital cable television industry at that time..

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