Calculate discount amount python code

This is a Python program that calculates discount amount and discounted rate for which you get the product for sale.

Variables Used:
  1. price: Actual price of the product.
  2. discount_percentage: Datatype float : Discount % on the product.
  3. discount_amount: Datatype float : Discount Amount on the product.
  4. discounted_price: Datatype float : Discounted price that you pay.
Discount Amount = (Discount Percentage x Price)/100
Discounted Price = Price - Discount Amount
Sample Program code:
   price = 1000;
   discount_percentage = 5.99;
   discount_amount = 0;
   discounted_price = 0;

   discount_amount = (discount_percentage*price)/100;
   discounted_price = (price-discount_amount);

   print("Discount Amount: ", discount_amount);
   print("Discounted Price: ", discounted_price);

Discount Amount: 59.9
Discounted Price: 940.1

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