Meta Llama LLM Models Context Window Details

Llama 1 (February 2023)

Parameter Size Context Window Key Features
7B, 13B, 33B, 65B 2048 tokens
  • Initial release of Llama models
  • Strong performance on various NLP tasks
  • Open-source, allowing for community innovations
  • Trained on publicly available data
  • Efficient inference, suitable for research and applications

Notable Achievements:

  • Comparable performance to GPT-3 with significantly fewer parameters
  • Sparked a wave of open-source AI development and fine-tuning projects

Llama 2 (July 2023)

Parameter Size Context Window Key Features
7B, 13B, 70B 4096 tokens
  • Significant improvements over Llama 1
  • Fine-tuned versions for chat (Llama 2 Chat)
  • Enhanced safety measures and reduced toxicity
  • Commercial usage allowed for companies with <700M MAU


  • 40% more training data than Llama 1
  • 2x longer context window (4096 tokens vs 2048)
  • Constitutional AI techniques applied for better alignment
  • Llama 2 Chat versions fine-tuned with over 1 million human annotations

Code Llama (August 2023 - January 2024)

Parameter Size Context Window Key Features
7B, 13B, 34B, 70B 4096 tokens
  • Specialized for code-related tasks
  • Available in base, Python-specialized, and instruction-following variants
  • Supports popular programming languages


  • Code completion
  • Code generation from natural language descriptions
  • Code explanation and debugging
  • Support for 20+ programming languages including Python, C++, Java, PHP, Typescript, C#, Bash

Llama 3 (April 2024)

Parameter Size Context Window Key Features
8B, 70B 8192 tokens
  • Latest generation with significant improvements
  • Enhanced reasoning and instruction-following capabilities
  • Improved coding abilities
  • Better factual accuracy and reduced hallucinations

Planned Future Developments:

  • Multimodal capabilities (text, image, audio)
  • Expanded multilingual support
  • Extended context window
  • Overall performance enhancements across various tasks

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