List of Java JDBC Database Driver Jars, Classes and URLs Details

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Java SE List of Popular Database Vendors and Drivers Link to Download jar files

Below are some of the most popular Databases that are supported by Database Vendors and links to download JDBC Driver/Connection jar files,

  1. Oracle
  2. MySQL
  3. IBM DB2
  4. postgreSQL
  5. Microsoft SQL

If you are looking for a complete list of Vendors, you can find it on Oracle's website:

JDBC Industry Support

Also, if you are looking for a list of all the supported JDBC Drivers for Databases you can find it here,

Supported JDBC Drivers and Databases

List of JDBC Driver Manager Class Names:

Database DriverManager Class Name

List of JDBC Database Vendor URL:

Database Database Vendor URL
Microsoft SQLjdbc:sqlserver://hostName;databse=databaseName
IBM DB2jdbc:db2: hostName:port/databaseName

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