Android: Unknown error code during application install :

If you just tried installing or updating an Android application from the Google Play Store and received the following error: Unknown error code during application install: "919"

There can be many reasons for this error, mostly related to free space.

  1. Less Memory on SD-Card/Disk

    Many times it may so happen that you are low on memory. As a .apk file is a zip file, when it is being installed it takes up more space than actually what the setup file. Say for an example if you download an app of size 20mb and when it is downloaded and is being got installed, it may end up taking even 100mb or more depending upon how compressed data it holds.

  2. App getting installed on Internal Memory.

    Certain apps by default get installed on the Internal Memory. So if your internal memory is running low, you may get this issue.

  3. Network Issue.

    It may be a network or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) issue. Just try switching to a different network and try downloading the app again. Try it over Wifi if on 3g or 4g network.

Solution :

Try making some space on your SD Card or Internal memory and try again. If it doesn't work try removing Cache of Google Playstore app and Download Manager.

Hope it helps!

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