Where to find Azure Virtual Machine (VM) Pricing Details in Azure Portal

Microsoft Azure VM or Virtual Machines are cloud computing systems that you can access via the Azure Portal with the benefit of not having to buy and maintain the physical hardware that runs it.

Azure offers different kinds of VMs which you can choose from based on your workloads and pricing models.

Azure VM Types

  • General purpose
  • GPU
  • High performance compute
  • Compute optimized
  • Memory optimized
  • Storage optimized
  • Confidential compute
  • FPGA

Azure VM Sizes

  • B-Series
  • D-Series v2
  • D-Series v3
  • D-Series v4
  • D-Series v5
  • DC-Series
  • E-Series v3
  • E-Series v4
  • E-Series v5
  • F-Series v2
  • H-Series
  • L-Series
  • Isolated sizes

Azure VM Pricing Models

  1. Azure Free Tier
  2. Pay As You Go
  3. Reserved VM Instances
  4. Spot Virtual Machines

Steps to Find Azure VM Pricing Details in Azure Portal

  1. Login to the Azure Portal: https://portal.azure.com
  2. Now under Azure Services click on the Virtual Machine Icon.
  3. Now click on Create and select "Azure Virtual Machine"
  4. Now under Instance details -> Sizes click on the link "See all Sizes".
  5. Now on this page, you should be able to see pricing details in cost/month column at the extreme right.

Below are the screenshots for the above steps to make it easy to understand and locate.

Step 1 - Login to Azure Portal and Click on Virtual Machine
Step 2 - Click on Create and Select Azure Virtual Machine
Step 3 - Under Instance Details - See All Images
Step 4 - You can see Pricing details for Azure VMs as cost per month

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