[Soluiton] You already have the latest version of Android Studio installed

Android Studio is the Official IDE for Android Application development (was made official since Google IO 14) . Android Studio is still evolving and hence you may find releases are available quite frequently, if you are trying to download the latest version available right now which is in Canary then you may see this message You already have the latest version of Android Studio installed message, to know why lets first know that there are 4 kinds of releases available,

Android studio has 4 channels available for updates,

Canary Channel: Canary builds are released about weekly. While these builds do get tested, they are still subject to bugs. They are released for people who want to see whats new as soon as possible. Do note that this is not recommended for production.

Dev channel: These are older canary builds that that are stable and can be moved to developers. These kind of updates are mostly available bi-weekly or monthly.

Beta channel: When a beta milestone is reached for the next version of Android Studio beta version is released. When the version is stable, the beta channel contains the stable version until the next version's beta. Stable channel: This channel contains the most recent stable version of Android Studio.

  1. Go to Menu: Android Studio -> Check for updates .. if you are on Mac OS X, on Windows when you open Android Studio click on Check for updates.
  2. You would get the same error message again "You already have the latest version of Android Studio installed. To configure automated update settings, see Updates dialog of your IDE Preferences."
  3. Just click on Update hyperlink,
  4. Now if you are looking for an update that is the most latest one and unable like Android 1.3 Preview 22 then you must make sure you are in Canary channel.
  5. Click ok and now check for updates, you will get the update details :)
  6. Happy Coding !!

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