How to add duration to Android Toast makeText method

Toast Duration Android
Toast Duration Android

Toast messages are used to display some error/warning or informational message on your Android Application. You cannot set an int value to the duration for which you want the Toast message visible when shown. There are only two possible values you can add Toast.LENGTH_LONG or Toast.LENGTH_SHORT to the duration parameter of method makeText()

Setting duration Android Toast

public void displayLongDurationToastMessage(String message) {

 Toast myToastLong;
 myToastLong.makeText(MainActivity.this, message, Toast.LENGTH_LONG);;

public void displayShortDurationToastMessage(String message) {

 Toast myToastShort;
 myToastShort.makeText(MainActivity.this, message, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT);;


⚡️ You can also use int value 0 for Short and 1 for Long toast message duration.

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