How to take a screenshot of android emulator (AVD) screen

You may want to take screenshots of your Android Application Activity Screen to upload the images to PlayStore console or for documentation purpose.

Capture image using ADT android eclipse DDMS tool
Capture image using ADT android eclipse DDMS tool

If you are running your Application on Android Emulator (AVD) you can take screen-shots using Eclipse DMMS perspective Screen Capture icon.

Go to ADT Eclipse -> Window -> Open Perspective -> Others -> DDMS -> Look for "Screen Capture" icon at the Right side

Note that your AVD is running, click on the "Screen Capture" icon and you will see a popup window with the image that has been captured with options like,

  1. Refresh : when you click this button a new image is captured.
  2. Rotate : image will be rotated
  3. Save : saves the file with timestamp in file name (e.g. device-2014-10-16-192842.png).
  4. Copy : Copies file to clipboard.
  5. Done : to close the Window.

This way of taking a screenshot is much faster compared to other options.

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