REST API to get all Jira projects - Postman, Basic Auth

You can get a list of all your Jira projects using REST API. The query can be tested using Postman (Basic Auth and GET) or even directly from the browser before using.
The REST API will return all projects which current logged in user or username provided in Postman has access to.

⭐ REST API to get all Jira projects
Replace the domain with yours and use "/rest/api/2/project"

You may try and execute this directly from the browser by pasting the link in the address bar.
This may not return all projects, but only which logged in account has access to (either as browse projects or administrator projects). If no user is logged in, it returns all projects that may be visible to anonymous users.
If you do not have access to any projects, it will return empty results as [].

⭐ Postman - get all Jira projects

What if you want to pull Jira projects and display them in a third party / external application. You will need to use an API Token (username and password key) in such case. Refer Create API Token for Atlassian account for steps to generate the token.
Postman comes handy for testing the authentication and REST link before using it or passing it to a developer for usage.

We will use a GET method with basic authentication to request data from the Jira API.

Authorization = Authorization tab ==> Basic Auth ==> provide Username and Password

HTTP Method = GET

Url Link =

Make sure the account used for connection is having access to Jira projects and correct username and password (token) is used.
Click "Send" and you will get response with list of all Jira projects as shown in below image.
Get Jira projects using Rest - Postman
Get Jira projects using Rest - Postman

⭐ Limit Jira projects in REST API

You can even limit the projects using JQL search (Jira Query Language) by appending "/search?jql=&maxResults=100" (example to return 100 projects) to the REST API.

You can even use the GET request /rest/api/3/project/search to return Jira projects via search.

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