Calculate Volume of Cone


1. height : (Datatype int) : to represent the height of Cone.

2. radius : (Datatype int) : to represent the radius of Cone.

3. PI : (Datatype float) : static variable to represent constant PI value upto 3 decimal places i.e 3.142

5. volume_of_cone : (Datatype float) : to store volume of Cone calculated.

Formula :Volume of a Cone : π x r2x h

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 * 12_calculate_volume_of_cone.c
 *  Created on: Oct 20, 2014
 *  Author:

#include <stdio.h>
//#include <conio.h>

void main() {

    int height;
    int radius;
    float volume_of_cone;
    float PI = 3.142;

//	clrscr();

	printf(" Program to calculate Volume of a Cone :  ");

	printf("\n\n Enter the Radius of Cone : ");
	scanf("%d", &radius);
    printf("\n\n Enter the Height of Cone : ");
	scanf("%d", &height);
    volume_of_cone = PI*radius*radius*height;

	printf("\n\n Volume of Cone with Radius as %d and Height as %d = %f",radius,height,volume_of_cone);

//	getch();

Output :

Program to calculate Volume of a Cone :
Enter the Radius of Cone: 2
Enter the Height of Cone: 5
The volume of Cone with Radius as 2 and Height as 5 = 62.840000

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