List of Java JDK Versions till Year 2023 with LTS Support Included

Update: Java JDK 21 the latest LTS Version will be public (GA) on 19 September 2023.

The JDK for Java Programming Language was first released the year 1996.

Do you know the latest Java JDK 20 is the latest release (March 2023), while JDK 21 to be released in September 2023 will be the next Long Term Support (LTS) version.

Let's have a look at the list of all Java versions and their release dates with details like extended updates/support dates,

Java Version Release Date Extended Support End of Free Public updates
JDK Beta1995--
JDK 1.0January 1996 --
JDK 1.1February 1997--
J2SE 1.2December 1998--
J2SE 1.3May 2000--
J2SE 1.4February 2002February 2013October 2008
J2SE 5.0September 2004April 2015November 2009
Java SE 6December 2006December 2018April 2013
Java SE 7July 2011July 2022April 2015
Java SE 8 (LTS) March 2014December 2030 Oracle commercial: January 2019
Oracle personal use: December 2020
AdoptOpenJDK: May 2026
Amazon Corretto: June 2023
Java SE 9September 2017N/AMarch 2018 for OpenJDK
Java SE 10March 2018N/ASeptember 2018 for OpenJDK
Java SE 11 (LTS)September 2018September 2026 Amazon Corretto: August 2024
AdoptOpenJDK: October 2024
Java SE 12 March 2019N/ASeptember 2019 for OpenJDK
Java SE 13 September 2019N/A March 2020 for OpenJDK
Java SE 14 March 2020N/ASeptember 2020 for OpenJDK
Java SE 15 September 2020N/A March 2021 for OpenJDK
Java SE 16 March 2021N/ASeptember 2021 for OpenJDK
Java SE 17 (LTS)September 2021September 2029September 2029 for Azul
October 2027 for Red Hat
Java SE 18March 2022N/A-
Java SE 19September 2022N/A-
Java SE 20 March 2023N/A-
* Java SE 21 (LTS)September 2023September 203119 September 2023

* Java 21 is going to be the Next LTS version that will have support until September 2031.

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