Notepad++ Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

Notepad++ Keyboard Shortcuts CheatSheet
1Ctrl + NCreate a new document
2Ctrl + OOpen an existing document
3Ctrl + SSave the current document
4Ctrl + Shift + SSave all open documents
5Ctrl + Shift + NOpen a new instance of Notepad++
6Ctrl + WClose the current tab
7Ctrl + FFind text within the current document
8Ctrl + HReplace text within the current document
9Ctrl + ZUndo the last action
10Ctrl + YRedo the last action
11Ctrl + ASelect the entire document
12Ctrl + CCopy the selected text or current line
13Ctrl + XCut the selected text or current line
14Ctrl + VPaste the copied or cut text
15Ctrl + HomeGo to the beginning of the document
16Ctrl + EndGo to the end of the document
17Ctrl + GGo to a specific line number
18Ctrl + Shift + UpMove the current line up
19Ctrl + Shift + DownMove the current line down
20Ctrl + /Toggle line comment or uncomment the selected lines
21Ctrl + Shift + /Toggle block comment or uncomment the selected lines
22Ctrl + F5Launch the Run dialog to execute the current script
23F3Find the next occurrence of the searched text
24Shift + F3Find the previous occurrence of the searched text
25Ctrl + F3Find the selected text within the current document
26F5Open the "Go to" dialog to navigate to a specific line
27Ctrl + Shift + TDuplicate the current line or selected lines
28Ctrl + Shift + ROpen the "Replace in Files" dialog for batch replace
29Alt + Shift + ArrowColumn selection (allows editing multiple lines together)
30Ctrl + Mouse WheelZoom in or out of the document
31Ctrl + BToggle bookmark for the current line
32Ctrl + F2Clear all bookmarks
33F2Jump to the next bookmark
34Shift + F2Jump to the previous bookmark
35Ctrl + Shift + MSelect all occurrences of the current word
36Ctrl + Shift + SpaceTrigger function completion
37Ctrl + EnterInsert a line break after the current line
38Ctrl + Shift + EnterInsert a line break before the current line
39Ctrl + Alt + FFormat the selected text with auto-indentation
40Alt + Shift + FConvert the selected text to uppercase

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