Default speed of Marquee tag : SCROLLAMOUNT

Marquee tags are used to add an animated scroll effect to HTML elements. The tags within the marquee tags scroll from right to left by default at a default speed. To change this default speed you need to make use of SCROLLAMOUNT attribute.

SCROLLAMOUNT attribute accepts integer values.
The default value for this scrolling speed is 6.

If you give any value less than 6 then the text, images, links within the marquee tag will run slower than the default. Note we cannot have values less than or equal to zero.

Any value for SCROLLAMOUNT greater than 6 will make it move faster than the default speed.

Let's take some examples to demonstrate this :
Marquee Speed Scroll Amount
Marquee Speed Scroll Amount
<!DOCTYPE html>
<marquee SCROLLAMOUNT = 1><p>Marquee with SCROLLAMOUNT as 1 </p></marquee>
<marquee SCROLLAMOUNT = 2><p>Marquee with SCROLLAMOUNT as 2 </p></marquee>
<marquee SCROLLAMOUNT = 3><p>Marquee with SCROLLAMOUNT as 3 </p></marquee>
<marquee SCROLLAMOUNT = 4><p>Marquee with SCROLLAMOUNT as 4 </p></marquee>
<marquee SCROLLAMOUNT = 5><p>Marquee with SCROLLAMOUNT as 5 </p></marquee>
<marquee SCROLLAMOUNT = 6><p><b>Marquee with SCROLLAMOUNT as 6  : Default Speed </b></p></marquee>
<marquee SCROLLAMOUNT = 7><p>Marquee with SCROLLAMOUNT as 7 </p></marquee>
<marquee SCROLLAMOUNT = 8><p>Marquee with SCROLLAMOUNT as 8 </p></marquee>
<marquee SCROLLAMOUNT = 9><p>Marquee with SCROLLAMOUNT as 9 </p></marquee>
<marquee SCROLLAMOUNT = 10><p>Marquee with SCROLLAMOUNT as 10 </p></marquee>
<marquee SCROLLAMOUNT = 12><p>Marquee with SCROLLAMOUNT as 12 </p></marquee>
<marquee SCROLLAMOUNT = 15><p>Marquee with SCROLLAMOUNT as 15 </p></marquee>
<marquee SCROLLAMOUNT = 18><p>Marquee with SCROLLAMOUNT as 18 </p></marquee>


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