Calculate Volume of Sphere

To calculate the volume of Sphere you need to ask the user to enter the radius of the sphere. PI value is needed to calculate the volume.


1. radius : (Datatype int): to represent the radius of the Sphere.

2. PI : (Datatype float): static variable to represent constant PI value up to 3 decimal places i.e 3.142

3. volume_of_sphere : (Datatype float): to store volume of Sphere calculated.

Formula: Volume of a Sphere: (4/3) x π x r3

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 * 14_calculate_volume_of_sphere.c
 *  Created on: Oct 20, 2014
 *  Author:

#include <stdio.h>
//#include <conio.h>

void main() {

    int radius;
    float volume_of_sphere;
    float PI = 3.142;

//	clrscr();

	printf(" Program to calculate Volume of a Sphere:  ");

	printf("\n\n Enter the Radius of Sphere : ");
	scanf("%d", &radius);
    volume_of_sphere = (4/3)*(PI*radius*radius*radius);

	printf("\n\n Volume of Sphere with Radius as %d = %f",radius,volume_of_sphere);

//	getch();

Output :

Program to calculate Volume of a Sphere :
Enter the Radius of Sphere: 2
Volume of Sphere with Radius as 2 = 25.136000

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