How to update Android Studio

Posted on : Wed, 15th Apr 15 01:43 pm (Updated on : Wed, 15th Apr 15 01:43 pm) UTC
Author : Code2care
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IntelliJ Android Studio is now the Official IDE for Android Application development. Most of the developers have moved to it just like me. If you are looking to update Android Studio manually then you can go to,

On the Mac OS X :

1. Open Android Studio.

2. Click on Menu : Android Studio -> Check for Updates.

Updating Android Studio on Mac OS X

On Windows OS :

1. Open Android Studio : You will get the "Welcome to Android Studio" Screen.

2. Click on Configure under Quick Start

3. Now click on Check for Updates.


For Windows OS : 1. Click on Quick Start.

For Windows OS : : 2. Click on Check for Updates.

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