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GitHub website not working India

Its seems like GitHub website is down for some or major parts of india 18 December 2014.
Tags : github

Eclipse Error : The Eclipse executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library.

The Eclipse executable launcher was unable to locate its companion shared library error message while trying to run eclipse.
Tags : eclipse

Add imports in eclipse shortcut key combinations

How cam we add imports using keyboard shortcuts or remove unwanted imports. Includes examples and gif demonstrations.
Tags : eclipse

27 Code Snippets/Templates to Eclipse IDE Tricks

List of 27 Java code snippets/templates for eclipse IDE. Each of the the available template are included in this post.
Tags : eclipse

List of Code Snippets/Templates to Eclipse IDE Tricks

Tags : eclipse

How to use Content Assist in Eclipse IDE : Tricks

How to use Content assist and Code Snippets/Templates tool in Eclipse IDE. Useful tricks and tips for Eclipse.
Tags : eclipse

Android : You uploaded an APK that uses Google Play services version 6171000

Android Play Console Warning :You uploaded an APK that uses Google Play services version 6171000/5089000. This will only work with Android API levels of 9 and above.
Tags : android

Fixed Length Android Edittext

How to make a fixed length EditText in Android programming. Examples included.
Tags : android

Android : Prevent App for rotation landscape or portrait

How to prevent your android app for rotation. Restrict rotation to either landscape or portrait.
Tags : android

Android : Connection with adb was interrupted 0 attempts have been made to reconnect

You get this error message when you try to run your app on device using USB. Connection with adb was interrupted.
Tags : android

How to add Newline to text in Android TextView

How we can add a new line to text in TextViews in Android Programming.
Tags : android

How to make Text in TextView bold and italic in Android

How to make text in Android TextView Bold,Italic or both with examples.
Tags : android

Make Android View Scrollable both Horizontally and Vertically

Tutorial to demonstrate how we can make an Android View both Horizontally and Vertically scrollable using HorizontalScrollView and ScrollView.
Tags : android

How to add border to Android TextView

Tutorial on how we can add a Border to Android TextView and set its color with examples.
Tags : android

Android : How to make TextView Scrollable

How to make Android TextView Scrollable vertically using ScrollView.
Tags : android

Center align text in TextView Android Programming

How to center align text in a TextView i.e exactly in the middle : vertically and horizontally.
Tags : android

How to change TextView or EditText Text Color on Focus and on Press

How we can change TextView or EditText Text Color when it is being selected i.e when brought in focus or when Pressed.
Tags : android

Sharing Multiple Images to Twitter App from your App

How we can send multiple images on twitter Application from your Android App using Intent.
Tags : androidtwitter

Share image and text Twitter using your Android Application Programatically

Program to demonstrate how we can share image and text on Twitter App from your App using Intent
Tags : androidtwitter

How to add border to Android Button

Demonstration for adding border to an Android Button.
Tags : android

Android Wifi WPA2/WPA Connects and Disconnects issue

How to resolve Android Wifi auto disconnection issue with WPA/WPA2 security.
Tags : android

Convert SQL to CSV in Notepad++

Convert SQL script to CSV format using Notepad++ editor in few easy steps.
Tags : notepadplusplussqlcsv

Android Images with Rounded Corners : ImageView

How can we display images in android programming having rounded corners.
Tags : android

Android rounded corner button tutorial

Tutorial to create buttons in Android with rounded corners.
Tags : android

Android : No Launcher activity found! Error

How to resolve Android Error : No Launcher activity found! The launch will only sync the application package on the device!
Tags : android

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