Disabling Spell Check in Android Studio

Posted on : Wed, 15th Apr 15 01:43 pm (Updated on : Wed, 15th Apr 15 01:43 pm) GMT
Author : Code2care

If you do not want spell check feature that is enabled by default in IntelliJ Android Studio IDE then follow the below given steps,

  1. Go to Android Studio -> Preferences on your Mac OS X (Should be Window -> Preferences on Windows OS)
  2. Now look for Inspections (if you cant trace it just use the Search)
  3. Now look for the Spellings check box and uncheck it (this also unchecks the Typo)
  4. Apply and Close
  5. Thats it!! You would now not see any Typo or spelling correction highlights in Android Studio

Disable Spellings feature Android Studio


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