JSON Tutorial: List of Lessons

Json tutorial
Json tutorial
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction to JSON
  2. JSON Syntax
  3. JSON Datatypes
  4. JSON Schema
  5. JSON Libraries
  6. JSON Nested Objects
  7. JSON Text to JavaScript Objects using eval()
  8. JSON With PHP
Introduction to JSON
  • JSON stands for : JavaScript Object Notation.
  • JSON is an Open source, light-weight data-interchange format.
  • JSON is a sub-set of JavaScript.
  • JSON is an alternative to XML.
  • JSON is used to transmit data between sever and web application.
  • JSON is language independent just as XML.
  • JSON Internet media type is application/json.
  • JSON has a file extension of .json.
  • JSON format was introduced by Douglas Crockford.
Advantage of JSON over XML.
  • JSON is easy to read compared to XML.
  • JSON is more compact than XML and hence is loaded quickly.
  • JSON is more flexible compared to XML.
  • JSON is faster compared to XML.
  • Should have a basic knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of XML would be advantageous.
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