How to pass value to another Power Apps screen

Power Apps is a handy low-code App building platform, both easy and quick! You can connect with various data sources like SharePoint, SQL, Excel, etc., to read and write data.

When working with multiple Power Apps screens, you may want to pass values (arguments or variables) between screens. Here is an example to pass values from one PowerApps to another.

Consider 2 screens/forms, where the first screen has a TextBox whose value should be passed to the next screen. For that matter, it can also be a dropdown or any value from a Gallery control.

Use the Navigate function to pass value to the next screen using a context variable.

Navigate(Form2, ScreenTransition.Fade, { valuefromForm1: txtValForm1.Text })

Navigate() = function to navigate to another screen
Form2 = screen to navigate
ScreenTransition.Fade = transition
valuefromForm1 = context variable to hold value to be passed
txtValForm1.Text = value to be passed, TextBox value here

The value of valuefromForm1 can now be set on the next screen in the Text / Items property accordingly.
You can even pass multiple values to another screen in this format { varName: txtName.Text , varLocation: ddlLocation.Selected.Value, more... }

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