SharePoint Server 2016 Preview installation error - This Product Key isn\'t a valid Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key. Check that you\'ve entered it correctly.

Posted on : Sun, 6th Sep 15 09:49 am UTC
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While installing the SharePoint Server 2016 Preview, you might receive an error even after using the correct key.

This Product Key isn't a valid Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key. Check that you've entered it correctly.


Use this product key NQTMW-K63MQ-39G6H-B2CH9-FRDWJ which is specified on the SharePoint Server 2016 Preview download page.

Follow instructions from the Microsoft Download Center (refer for details about system requirements, download and installation instructions.

- Check the system requirements
- Download the installer for SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview
- Install full-featured software for a 180-day trial
- Use product key NQTMW-K63MQ-39G6H-B2CH9-FRDWJ

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