[fix] AWS S3 make_bucket failed: An error occurred (InvalidBucketName) when calling the CreateBucket operation.

make_bucket failed (InvalidBucketName)
% aws s3 mb s3://c2c-bucket-A2

make_bucket failed: s3://c2c-bucket-A2 
An error occurred (InvalidBucketName) when calling the CreateBucket operation: 
The specified bucket is not valid.

If you receive a make_bucket failed error when you try to create an AWS S3 bucket using the CLI command, then the reason is as specified - InvalidBucketName, to understand it better you will need to understand the rules of creating an S3 bucket name,

Rules for Creating S3 Bucket Names:

  • Should be unique across AWS regions. So it could be it's already taken.
  • Cannot have uppercase letters.
  • Should be between 3 and 63 characters.
  • Names can only start with lowercase letters and numbers.
  • Only dot (.) and dash/hyphen (-) are allowed as special characters.
  • Cannot contain two adjacent dots.
  • Cannot be like IP addresses eg
  • Cannot start with xn-- prefix
  • Cannot end with -s3alias as suffix.
  • Cannot have dots if used with AWS S3 Transfer Acceleration.
  • You cannot change the bucket name once it is created.

So as you can see, in this case, the bucket creation failed because I used an Uppercase letter in the bucket name.

Reference: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/userguide/bucketnamingrules.html
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