How to the Install Official Android Emulator for Mac?

To install the Official Android Emulator for Mac the easiest way is to download the Android Studio IDE from website.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Download Android Studio
  3. Accept the terms and select Mac with Intel or Mac with Apple Chip (if on M1/M2 ARM Silicon Chip) based on your device type.
  4. Click Allow downloads on β€œ” if prompted while using Safari browser.
  5. Once the .dmg file is downloaded, click on it and drag the Android Studio app into Applications folder.
  6. Eject the Setup Disk on your Desktop.
  7. Now Search for Android Studio in Spotlight Search or get it from Finder -> Applications folder.
  8. Click Open when prompted.
  9. Click Next and Accept Terms until Finish.
  10. You would now see that the Android Emulator will get downloaded and Installed.
    Preparing "Install Android Emulator (revision: 31.3.13)".
    "Install Android Emulator (revision: 31.3.13)" ready.
    Installing Android Emulator in /Users/code2care/Library/Android/sdk/emulator
    "Install Android Emulator (revision: 31.3.13)" complete.
    "Install Android Emulator (revision: 31.3.13)" finished.
Downloading Android Emulator with Android Studio Setup on Mac

Note: This step will take a while as it will download all the additional required components for Android Studio.

Running the Android Emulator

  1. Create a new Android Project (or open an existing one)
  2. Now on the Android Menu: Tools -> Device Manager
    Android Studio - Tools - Device Manager
  3. Under the Device section you would see a "Pixel" device, click on the play button to "Launch this AVD in the emulator"
    Launch this AVD in the emulator
  4. You should have the official Android Emulator launched.
Android Emulator on Mac Pixcel 3a
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