Introduction to PHP : Tutorial

PHP Tutorial -

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server side scripting language developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in year 1995. PHP is the most popular and widely used language. It is one of the easiest language to learn.

PHP is the best suited language for building websites.

Some of the Popular sites that use PHP are,

- Facebook
- Twitter
- Apple
- Flickr
- Wikipedia...

PHP Script can be used for

- Server-side scripting.
- Command line scripting.
- Creating Desktop applications.

Rasmus Lerdorf developer of PHP
Rasmus Lerdorf, developer of PHP

PHP code is written within the <?php ?> tags (something similar to jsp scriptlets). These tags tell PHP to start and stop interpreting the code between them. The code between these tags are executed and the server end, and the output from these tags is plain HTML. Each PHP statement should end with a semi-colon,just like C,C++ or Java, but its option to have a semi-colon for the last line of PHP block.
PHP has been installed on over 250 million websites and over 2.1 million webservers.
Nearly 80% of websites with server side scripting are built using PHP.
PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor (recursive acronym).
It was initially known as Personal Home Page.
PHP is for Free and is licenced under PHP License.
The latest version of PHP is 5.5.6 released on 14 Nov 2013.

Why PHP?

  • Open source(free).
  • Easy to learn.
  • Object Oriented.
  • Better Support (documentation and forums).
  • Cross-Platform compatibility.
  • Powerful, Scalable and Quick.
  • Easy to deploy.
  • Lots of Frameworks : Zend, Silex, Symfony, Aiki and many more...
  • Lots of Hosting options and at reasonable price.