How to Annotate a Snipped Screenshot using Windows 11 Snipping Tool

After taking a Screenshot using the Snipping Tool on Windows 11, if you want to add annotations to it, you can simply click on the snip captured and make use of the various options available.

Annotating Snipped Screenshot Windows 11

Annotation ToolDescription
Ballpoint PenFreehand drawing tool for adding handwritten annotations.
HighlighterTool to emphasize text or objects with a colored marker.
EraserUsed to erase or remove annotations created with the pen or highlighter.
RulerAdds a ruler or straight edge for precise measurements and drawing straight lines.
Color PickerSelects a custom color for drawing annotations.
CropAllows you to crop the snipped image to a specific area.
Pen Size AdjusterAdjusts the size of the pen or brush tool for varying line thickness.

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