JSON Text to JavaScript Object using eval() Example: JSON Tutorial

In a real world scenario JSON data is received as HTTPRequest from a web server, this data has to be converted into JavaScript Object in order to be displayed on a web page.

JavaScript eval() function is used to convert JSON text into JSON Object.

The JavaScript Compiler parses JSON text to JavaScript object.

Note that the text must be surrounded by braces to avoid errors.

Nested JSON Object :
<script type="text/javascript">
function jsonEvalEx() {
 //JSON Text
 var mySongs = '{"songs":[' +
 '{"songName":"Imagine","songArtist":"John Lennon" },' +
 '{"songName":"Voodoo Child","songArtist":"Jimi Hendrix" },' +
 '{"songName":"Kashmir","songArtist":"Led Zeppelin" }]}';
 var javaScriptObj = eval ("(" + mySongs + ")");
 var data = "";

 data = data + "Song : " + javaScriptObj.songs[0].songName + "<br>";
 data = data + "Artist : " + javaScriptObj.songs[0].songArtist + "<br><br>";
 data = data + "Song : " + javaScriptObj.songs[1].songName + "<br>";
 data = data + "Artist : " + javaScriptObj.songs[1].songArtist + "<br><br>";
 data = data + "Song : " + javaScriptObj.songs[2].songName + "<br>";
 data = data + "Artist : " + javaScriptObj.songs[2].songArtist + "<br><br>";
 document.getElementById("mySongs").innerHTML = data;

<body onload="jsonEvalEx();">

<div id="mySongs"></div>

Song : Imagine
Artist : John Lennon

Song : Voodoo Child
Artist : Jimi Hendrix

Song : Kashmir
Artist : Led Zeppelin
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