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Setup synonyms or alias or thesaurus in SharePoint
SharePoint provides a way to create search synonyms or alias or thesaurus for your search queries. Using this approach you can specify alternate keywords or phrases for selected search terms.

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How to exclude results from SharePoint Search
Exclude certain lists, libraries, sites or links from SharePoint search results easily by configuring the search scope rules.

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How to get SharePoint List Item URL using PowerShell
User PowerShell to get the complete or relative URL for SharePoint List Item from any list or library.

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How to hide quick launch in SharePoint
Hide quick launch or left navigation from your SharePoint site.

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Create Performance Point Dashboard in SharePoint
Create dashboards, scorecards, and reports using PerformancePoint and SharePoint. Publish dashboards them to SharePoint site.

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How to Configure PDF iFilter For SharePoint
SharePoint by default does not support and recognize PDF’s. Follow this post to display a special icon for PDF files and discover them in SharePoint Search results.

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Sharepoint Errors Were Found When Compiling The Workflow. The Workflow Files Were Saved But Cannot Be Run
Sharepoint Errors were found when compiling the workflow. The workflow files were saved but cannot be run. Unexpected error on server associating the workflow.

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Bypass domain name for IIS site
Does your Organization have a single Domain and still requires users to pass-in the Domain name in the credentials to login ? Well, there is a way to bypass it.

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Sign in as different user missing in SharePoint 2013
'Sign in as different user' option is not available in SharePoint 2013 by default.

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Recover SharePoint if the SQL Server IP changes
SharePoint FARM instance goes down when SQL Server IP is changed and SharePoint could not find the SQL instance

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SharePoint does not allow uploading flash files
SharePoint does not allow Site Members with Contribute rights to upload a flash file

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SharePoint Multiline Textbox Line-Break issue with customized XSLT Display form (DispForm.aspx)
SharePoint customized Display Form for a list will not support line breaks for "Multiline Text Box" site column

Tags : SharePointMOSSXSLT
SharePoint Text Site Column appended comments missing on customized Display Form (DispForm.aspx)
Site Column (Text) with 'Append changes to text' does not show all the comments on customized Display Form (DispForm.aspx)

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SharePoint List Attachments missing from customized Display Form (DispForm.aspx)
When you create a customized Display form or modify OOTB Display form for a SharePoint list, the attachments go missing and cannot be seen

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Topics related to SharePoint : web application framework platform developed by Microsoft.

Topic : SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, Tutorials and How-to guides

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