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Find the location of Spotlight searched file
How to find the location of the file you searched on SpotLight on your Mac OS X operating system.

Tags : macmacosx
How to check installed Eclipse version 32-bit or 64-bit Mac OS X
Walkthrough to check the installed version of Eclipse IDE on the Mac OS X operating system (64bit or 32bit version)

Tags : maceclipse
Turn on off volume change button sounds Mac OS X
How to turn the sound for volume buttons on the Mac OS X operating system.

Tags : mac
How to Gzip a file directory on Mac OS X using Terminal Command
How to compress a file in Gzip format on Mac OS X using terminal command.

Tags : mac
Light-weight GIF Screen Capture application for Windows and Mac OS X systems
LICEcap a Light-weight GIF Screen Capture application for Windows and Mac OS X systems from Cockos Inc.

Tags : macosxmacwindows
Mac OS X Stuck During Booting Gray Screen Logo and Spinner
Mac OS X Operating System Stuck in Gray Screen Logo, Spinner and a Progress bar while Booting. A Guide to resolve and recover data backup and other issues troubleshooting.

Tags : macmacosx
Mac OS X Mavericks Offline Speech to Text Dictation Feature

Tags : macmacosx
Use Hidden Emoji's on Mac OSX Mavericks
Emoji's on Mac OX Mavericks. Use hidden smileys by pressing a combination of mac keys.

Tags : macosxmac
How to Rotate Android Emulator on Mac OSX Windows and Linux
How to rotate (Landscape or Portrait) the Android emulator on Mac OSX, Windows and Linux.

Tags : androidlinuxmacwindows
ADT quit unexpectedly error on Mac OSX Android Eclipse SDK
Android Eclipse SDK Crashes a lot of times while working on Mac OSX , especially while Exporting a Signed APK file. Here is a quick guide on how to fix this issue.

Tags : androideclipsemac
How to hide files and folders on Mac OS X Walkthrough
Do not want the hidden files and folders visible on your Mac Machine. Here is how we can hide the Hidden files and folders.Just few terminal commands to be executed.

Tags : mac
How to See Hidden Folders and Files on Mac OS X
Here is how we can see hidden folder and files on the mac. Follow these simple steps to get started.

Tags : mac
How to take a screenshot on a mac ( print screen on a mac)
Here is how you can take a screenshot/screen capture on your Mac OSX

Tags : mac

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