Fix Microsoft 365 error 700003 - Your organization has deleted this device

Microsoft 365 error 700003 device deleted
Microsoft 365 error 700003 device deleted

Something went wrong

Your organization has deleted this device.

To fix this, contact your system administrator and provide the error code 700003.

More information:

If you get the above error 700003 while trying to login to Microsoft applications such as Teams, OneDrive, Outlook, or while opening Word, Excel files, it is mostly happening only when opening Office documents from your laptop or desktop.

If you work is being halted and you really want to continue working with Office documents, 
use the Online version instead. Word, Excel, PowerPoint Online will work without problems.

Upon checking the error code details on Microsoft site, this is what you get -
Not very useful, right ?

Error Code 700003
Message Device object was not found in the tenant '{tenantName}' directory.
Remediation Invalid grant due to the following reasons:
- Requested SAML 2.0 assertion has invalid Subject Confirmation Method
- Application On-Behalf-Of flow is not supported on V2
- Primary refresh token is not signed with session key
- Invalid external refresh token
- The access grant was obtained for a different tenant

⛏️ Fix error 700003

  1. Search Settings on your Windows laptop.
  2. Click Accounts.
  3. Click Access work or school.
  4. Look for the the problematic account which is giving issues.
  5. Click Disconnect button.
  6. Login again with the same Office 365 account and this time you will be able to work with Office files on desktop.
  7. If this does not help, follow similar steps, but Delete the account instead of Disconnect. Login again and check.

You may require help from IT to perform some of the steps.
If nothing helps, the Device can be de-registered or removed (dsregcmd.exe /debug /leave and probably a reboot) and added again. Turn off automatic registration to avoid rework.

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