Add Custom External Link to SharePoint Site Navigation


  1. Login to your SharePoint Site where you want to add the external link.
  2. On the left Navigation list at the bottom you will see a Edit button, click on it,
    1 - Click on the Edit Button at the Navigation Links
  3. Now hover over the navigation links, you should see a horizontal ruler with a + sign, click where you want to stack the link.
    2 - Add a Link or label to Navigation Option SharePoint
  4. A pop-up will be shown where you can add the details
    • Choose an option: Link.
    • Address: Web Address.
    • Display name: Name as displayed for the Link.
    • Open in a new tab: To open the link in a new tab.
    • 3 - Fill in the External Link Details and Open in New Tab
  5. Click OK
  6. You should now have the link displayed on the Navigation Menu.

4 - Adding a custom external link to SharePoint Site Navigation

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