Youtube spacebar not working in search on macOS Safari

I was not sure if that there was a problem with my Macbook or so, but when I tried the Search box on Youtube on Safari browser, the spacebar was not working, when I typed any text in the search and hit spacebar there was no space added to the text field,

When I tried YouTube on Google Chrome for macOS, it worked perfectly well.

Spacebar not working in youtube website on Safari
Spacebar not working in youtube website on Safari

Update: Spacebar is also working on Firefox, I see many people complaining about the same on Reddit and Twitter as well. I hope this is fixed soon.


  • I was wondering am I the only one! :D also the arrow keys do not seem to work for me. spacebar is also used to pause and play a video, that does work!
    anon 10 Mar 2121 19:11:12 GMT
  • Yes... I got the same issue, using M1 MacBook Pro! Seems to be some css/javascript issue with Youtube! should be fixed soon by the developers.
    anon 10 Mar 2121 19:03:37 GMT
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