The tag img may only appear as a descendant of tag noscript. Did you mean amp-img

Validation Error:

The tag 'img' may only appear as a descendant of tag 'noscript'. Did you mean 'amp-img'?

The above error is clearly due to your AMP web-page code having a image tag which is starting with <img and not <amp-img. It is mandatory to change all img tags to amp-img or else your HTML code would not pass the validation and you would see this error!

  1. Find the following string in your source code: <img and </img>
  2. If you get any results, replace them with <amp-img and </amp-img>,also make sure to add default width and height attribute as its needed as well.
  3. Save and validate your amp code again it should work!
AMP img tag validation Error Message
AMP img tag validation Error Message
Example of AMP Images Tag:
  alt="This is an AMP Image!"
  title="Some title goes here!"

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