Show Notepad++ tabs in multiple lines instead of scroll on tab bar

If you working with many files at a time and want them to be opened in separate tabs in Notepad++ text editor and traverse among them quickly, you must have noticed that as the tabs increase the older tabs are hidden and you need to scroll through to look for them if you want to see them all without scrolling you can enable the Multi-line option from the tab bar.

How to enable Multi-line option for Tab bar in Notepad++

  1. Go to Settings,
  2. Click on Preferences...,
  3. Now under General Section, check on Multi-line checkbox under Tab Bar section,
  4. Click Close button.

You should see all the tabs now visible on tab bar one below the other!, here is a quick demo,

Open Multiple tabs one below other in Notepad++.gif
Open Multiple tabs one below other in Notepad++ GIF

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