How to Scan iPhone for Virus? Is Antivirus it really required?

Do iPhone get viruses and do i need an antivirus app?

If you own an iPhone and are wondering with a question in your head "How do I scan my iPhone for viruses!" well there is no need for it because iPhone do not get viruses.

There are few things that you should keep in mind though to make sure you iPhone do not get affected by malware!

  • Make sure your iOS on your iPhone is up-to-date.
  • If you have a older iPhone that no longer supports latest iOS, make sure it is on the most recent version that is supported. Do Keep an eye on any vulnerability reported for the iOS you are on.
  • Make sure you know the risk of Jailbreaking your iOS. It is better not to jailbreak your iPhone.

You really do not need any Antivirus app, if you find them on the App Store and it says it can help detect viruses on your iPhone running on iOS its bogus!

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