Save Screenshots on Mac in JPG instead of PNG Format

By default the screenshots you capture on your Mac are saved on the desktop in a .png format extension. If you wish to save them as .jpg instead before they are saved, you can do so by below steps,

  1. In Spotlight search open Screenshot,
    Open Screenshot using macOS Spotlight Search
  2. Now click on Options and select Preview, under Save to
  3. Now when you take a screenshot using the keyboard (Command + Shift + 3 or 4 e.t.c) the image will be previewed before it will be saved.
  4. Press ⌘ Command + S to open Save window, here you can choose format as JPEG
  5. You can also compress the size of the image by setting the least to best quality option.
  6. Also, you can name the screenshot as you want and choose where you save the jpg image.
  7. Save Image as JPEG on macOS after taking a screenshot

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