How to get more information about npm using brew command

If you want to know more information about npm formula, then you can make use of the info command,

mac % brew info npm

node: stable 16.6.1 (bottled), HEAD
Platform built on V8 to build network applications

/opt/homebrew/Cellar/node/15.14.0 (2,808 files, 47.1MB) *
  Poured from bottle on 2021-04-19 at 22:38:59

License: MIT

==> Dependencies
Build: pkg-config ✘, python@3.9 ✘
Required: brotli ✔, c-ares ✔, icu4c ✘, libuv ✘, nghttp2 ✘, openssl@1.1 ✔

==> Options

	Install HEAD version

==> Analytics
install: 365,981 (30 days), 1,091,087 (90 days), 4,511,789 (365 days)
install-on-request: 287,143 (30 days), 855,154 (90 days), 3,410,641 (365 days)
build-error: 0 (30 days)

As you can see in the above output, you get all the information such as the version, license, dependencies as well as the stability and size of the installation.

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