Notepad++ Ghost typing Examples

Notepad++ Ghost Typing.gif
Notepad++ Ghost Typing.gif

Notepad++ Let's you run commands from the command line using certain arguments, you can check the complete list of arguments that you can use in this post.

In Notepad++ ghost typing lets you open this text editor using the command line and do auto-typing text. You can use command-line arguments -qn, -qt or -qf to trigger it.

  • By text (qt): notepad++.exe -qtHello%20Im%20Testing%20Ghost%20Typing%20On%20Notepad++. -qSpeed2
  • Random (qn): notepad++.exe -qnrandom
  • By text in a file (qf): notepad++.exe -qfFileName.txt

You can use -qSpeedX which is an optional argument to control speed 1: slow, 2: fast, or 3:fast.

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